30 minutes
Meditation Spa Session

A unique mediation experience. 

Feeling burnt out? Transform your wellbeing through our guided themed meditation which combines two of our luxurious spa stations. Book your session now!

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40 minutes
Passive Circuit

4 stations. 10 minutes each. An experience like no other. 

10 minutes  |  Himalayan Salt Dome
10 minutes  |  Vibration Plate
10 minutes  |  Infrared Sauna
10 minutes  |  Massage Chair

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New guest

Never been to our spa? Not too sure what to expect?
Let our friendly staff guide through each of our stations, teach you how to use equipment, and explain the health benefits of each.  

You’re one step closer to something great. Call us and book your session!

About us

Gain serenity while boosting your immune system through hands off healing.

Healthy Vibes is a locally-owned Health Spa located in the heart of Val Caron, ON. As one of Northern Ontario's leading holistic spa businesses, we offer a range of healing products and services to enrich and advance our clients' long-term health and wellbeing. By utilizing traditional holistic medicine practices, we support you in taking charge of your wellness by naturally empowering you to begin your self-healing journey. Healthy Vibes was founded and ignited by a passion for mending and improving the entire body, mind and spirit holistically. Our goal is to continue letting that passion burn to bring you the best possible spa experience... all without leaving the Valley! Check out our Services below!

Salt, soap, a scrubbing brush, and towel

Our services

Our Vibration Platforms are easy to use and are great for all ages and abilities! They work by naturally stimulating your body's muscle contractions. So you receive the benefits of working out, without the work. The equipment comes with many speed levels that help you meet various health goals. For example, they can reduce back pain, boost weight loss, improve muscle strength, increase bone density and more! Did you know that in our 10 min session, your body can do 3000-5000 muscle contractions? Don’t wait! Achieve your fitness goals all by standing in one place at Healthy Vibes Holistic Studio.

When you think of saunas, what comes to mind may be the sticky, sweaty experience that makes you go ick! No need to worry about that with Infrared Saunas. We use safe, low-temperature heat energy to penetrate bones and muscles by warming your body up from within. You'll handle the heat better and get to wear whatever clothes you want! A 10 min session promotes relaxation, better sleep, releases toxins, boosts weight loss, gives relief from body pain, and improves your circulation. Don’t wait! Fire up your health at Healthy Vibes Holistic Studio.

Sore or not, anyone can benefit from a massage. Luckily, our treatment is quick, soothing, and customizable! Our massage equipment uses rollers and airbags with powerful vibrations to target finicky sore spots, giving your body greater movement that will help prevent injuries. A 10 min session lets you release tension, improves posture, gives comfort, helps with pain relief, and will increase your body's endorphins + serotonin levels to ensure you feel incredible. Don't wait! Treat your body to a magical massage experience at Healthy Vibes Holistic Studio!

Being salty isn't a bad thing. It's the best thing! Our Himalayan Salt Domes are experts at detox and releasing negative ions to be absorbed in the body. What's a negative ion, and why should you love it? They're microscopic odourless, tasteless molecules that are set free when the salt is heated. You should love them because they perform as antimicrobial, air and skin purifying agents. A 10 min session will help eliminate dust and allergens, block the intake of EMFs, ease achy feet, improve circulation, increase concentration, reduce stress and more! Don’t wait, start your detox and get salty at Healthy Vibes Holistic Studio!

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Join us for a contact-free spa experience
Every product and service we offer is designed to boost your immune system.

What to expect

Get ready to enjoy a spa like environment while moving through our passive circuit, which includes 10 minutes at each:

Himalayan Salt Dome Detox station
Whole Body Vibration Platform
Infrared Sauna station
Massage Chair station with Foot Massager

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